BRIGHT Vachirawit Chivaaree: Inspiring Others


Just when you thought that all of humanity was lost, along comes Bright bridging our communities through acts of giving. Across the ocean, thousands of miles away from us, a young talented actor and singer inspires others to give to people in need.

Here is a clip on Bright guiding his fans to engage in meaningful acts rather than giving him gifts.

Bright appreciates and values the effort his fans and fan clubs’ display by completing charity projects. After seeing the way Bright engaged with the child who has special needs and taught him how to play the guitar in the MV of @specialthailand, the US fan club decided to donate musical instruments to at-risk youth and buy sports equipment to help children with special needs.


Two different projects at the same time is a huge tasks. But, the fan club was determined to get it done. We get a lot of our motivation and determination from Bright. Other fan clubs were invited to join in these projects and this was the beginning of #LoveProject4Bright.

This is the original post on Twitter.

To the amazement and excitement of his fan clubs, Bright liked the post on Twitter. This simple act motivated more fans to support and help in the efforts to donate.

As part of a Valentine’s Day gift to the young actor and singer, hundreds of people from all around the world raised money to buy musical instruments for Music Sharing and sports equipment to four recommended schools by Special Olympics Thailand.

Bright’s own example of hard work, perseverance and commitment to the arts, were a driving force behind these actions.

The Fan Clubs that donated to this project.

May we all find brightness within our own lives, which motivates us to move forward and give when we are able too. By loving those around us we can continue to support each other through this journey.

After Bright liked the project announcement, more fans joined us and we exceeded the initial goal. We were able to donate instruments to K’Phumeta, who is a retired musician and now teaches music to children.

Mr. Pumeta is a musician who currently lives in Phakdi Chumphon, Chaiyaphum province. He dreamed to teach music to kids for free. He is currently teaching 20 students in his village to play music.

Link to K’Phumeta Facebook post:

Total raised:

Along with 20 other Fan Clubs, more than ฿55K for our Joint Charity Project where we bought instruments & sports equipment to Charity Organizations in Thailand🇹🇭. Shout out to @biandoudou04125 for the additional donation towards the project.

According to @Bbrightvc_USFC

Thank you Bright for inspiring us to help others! #LoveProject4Bright

Link to additional pictures from Music Sharing.

The letter below is from Music Sharing.

This is the list of names from the Bright’s US FC that donated.
Thanks to all the other FCs for supporting!

Support Bright: Twitter: @bbrightvc | IG: @bbrightvc

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Assistant Editor: Kay @petiteplum11

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